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Student Welfare

Student Welfare Policy

As part of Forster Public School's teaching goals we strive for students to achieve personal growth and fulfillment, self discipline, development of human relationship skills and citizenship. To this end, students are encouraged to make good choices in all aspects of school life. Hence, Forster PS is known as "The Happy School."

One important aspect of the school's student welfare emphasis is the Student Behaviour System. This support structure enables all teachers to be consistent in supporting fair discipline for challenging behaviours and rewards for positive appropriate behaviour.

A number programs and structures continue to support and improve positive school tone and student success. These include:

  • the school code of conduct;
  • the principal's reward system;
  • the happy tin reward system;
  • the seasons program;
  • the student counsel body;
  • the planning and timeout room; and
  • the K-6 anti-bullying and kid power program.

The Student Welfare sub menus explain specific aspects of our Student Welfare policy.