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Our professional, university-educated teachers encourage students to develop a love of learning and a desire to succeed. They maintain the highest integrity and concern for your child’s wellbeing.

The principal is responsible for the educational leadership and management of our school. If you would like to speak to the principal, please contact us to make an appointment.

Our school administrative staff can answer inquiries or direct you to the appropriate staff member for help.

Forster Public School Staff 2021 

Mar, 2021


  • Mrs Lorelle O'Brien (Relieving)


Deputy Principal:

  • Ms Jo Hudson
  • Mrs Tianne Buderus  


Early Action for Success Instructional Leader:

  • Mrs Kylie Allardice
  • Mrs Di Murray


K21 - Mrs Kelly Cameron 

K22 - Ms Cindy Wood

K23 - Ms Leah Jenkins (AP Early Stage 1) Miss Justine Mills (Th,Fr)

K24 - Miss Emily Shorter

K25 - Miss Amy Gambrill

1/12 - Miss Michelle Sharma

1/14 - Mr Matt Sun

1/15 - Mr Kieran Dalton

1/20 - Mrs Jenny Lowe

2/16 - Angela Sparkes (AP Stage 1)

2/17 - Mrs Sarah Johe

2/18 - Miss Laura Chapple/Mrs Rachel Gardner (Wed)

2/19 - Mr Tristan Marshall

3/29 - Mrs Dorota Gosling/Mrs Katie Crompton (Thu,Fri)

3/30 - Miss Belle Meadows

3/31 - Mrs Natalie Galle

3-4/8 - Mrs Deidre Kallquist

4/4 - Miss Brooke Egan (AP Stage 2)/Miss Tiana Hazlewood (Fri)

4/5 - Mr Peter Anderson

5/1 - Mrs Janelle Blick

5/2 - Mr Shaun Blacker/Mrs Carol Pearson (Fri)

5/3 - Mr Michael Lavis

5-6/6 - Mrs Kate Mutch

6/9 - Mrs Lynelle Patterson(AP Stage 3)/Mrs Katie Crompton (Tue)

6/10 - Mrs Renee Henderson

6/11 - Mr Simon Maher/Mrs Katie Crompton (Wed)

3-6/26 - Mr Levi Worth

3-6/32 - Mr Roan Whiteman

5-6/33 - Ms Sam Simmons

K-5/28 - Mrs Carol Nesbitt

2-5/27 - Angela Coffey (AP Support)/ Mrs Mel Ward (Wed,Thu,Fri)


Librarian - Mrs Jodie Lednor/Miss Kirsten Reed

Assistant Principal Learning Assistance

  • Mrs Barb Wright
  • Mr Scott Machon

Learning and Support Teachers

  • Mrs Lisa Lacey
  • Ms Deb Milligan (& Intervention)
Wellbeing - Mrs Liz Maher
EAfS Intervention Teachers
  • Mrs Megan Meadows
  • Mrs Ali Bertwhistle
  • Ms Melea Tyrie
  • Mrs Michelle Phillips
  • Ms Emma Miller
RFF Technology - Stuart Ireland/Shaun Blacker
RFF Teachers
  • Ms Marissa Holland (Thu, Fri)
  • Mr Stuart Ireland
  • Ms Melanie Moyle
  • Miss Justine Mills
  • Miss Jessie Skillen (Mon - Thu K-2)
  • Mrs Rachel Gardner

School Counsellors - Mrs Kym Earle/Mr Nathan Paff

Home School Liaison Officer - Ms Lorna Cambrell

Aboriginal Education Assistant -  Miss Bria Simon

Aboriginal Education Worker - Mr Will Simon 

SAM -  Mrs Kim Worth


  • Mrs Kylie Parker
  • Ms Karen Bousfield
  • Mrs Karen Dickson
  • Mrs Lisa Murphy
  • Mrs Tracey Horn

General Assistant - Mr Trent Rolfe

School Learning Support Officers:

  • Mrs Kerrie Stewart
  • Mrs Margaret Stewart
  • Mrs Lesley Connor
  • Mrs Kim Felsch
  • Mrs Kerrie Van Steen
  • Mrs Karen Fuller
  • Mrs Gabby Randell
  • Mr Ian Redman
  • Mrs Andrea Dallywater

Kitchen/Garden Program: 

  • Mrs Stef Hiles
  • Mrs Ellen Wison (Garden)

Canteen Supervisors:

  • Mrs Danika Lemessurier
  • Ms Nicole Murcutt