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Learning support

Support Programs

Support for students with additional needs is a high priority at Forster PS and a variety of programs are available.

Support Unit

There are four classes in the Support Unit catering for students with mild, moderate and severe intellectual disabilities. Each student has a Personalised Learning Plan prepared in consultation with their Learning Support Team.

Students can access external programs such as Riding for the Disabled and Bowen Therapy. These programs have a positive impact on the skills and confidence of the students.

Students from the Support Unit participate in whole school programs such as assemblies, sport, camps and the merit and discipline system. Many students also integrate into regular classes for specific activities.  The resulting social interaction has encouraged the positive attitude and support which staff and students demonstrate towards students with disabilities.

Funding Support

Support for students with disabilities in regular classes is also provided.  The school applies for funding which is used to employ School Learning Support Officers to assist classroom teachers in the implementation of Personalised learning Plans for these students. Accommodations and adjustments are made to ensure students with disabilities have access to the curriculum on the same basis as other students.

Learning Support Team

Students with learning difficulties are able to access the Learning and Support program (LaST) and consolidate their skills, particularly in English. Volunteer tutor programs have provided further support to students experiencing difficulty in reading.  Transitions to and from primary school are carefully planned for students who may need extra support and Learning Support Team meetings are held in close consultation with the families of students needing this support to ensure a smooth transition to and from primary school.

School Counselling Service

The school Counselling service is a school-based psychology service. Counsellors assess student needs and determine eligibility for accessing support services.  Counsellors are involved in Preschool to Kindergarten and Year 6-7 transition.  Counsellors respond to referrals from parents and the Learning Support Team in providing support for students with learning, behavioural and emotional adjustment needs.