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Rubbish Monitors

Making  a difference
A group of just over twenty volunteers, came forward to be Rubbish Monitors at Forster Primary School ,at the beginning of the year. These students patroled the school grounds at Recess and Lunch during Term1encouraging other students to put their rubbish in the bags provided. Recently they were rewarded with a Sausage Sizzle as a reward for their efforts in Term 1.In Term 2 there will be another call for another group of students to take on the role of Rubbish Monitors in. Already there has been increased interest shown for volunteering for this role.
Photograph Some Rubbish Monitors munching on their Sausage Sizzle Rewards
Back L to R Miranda, Gabby, Shari, Skye
Front L to R Charlotte, Savannah, Brooklyn Mooney.