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Click to view some of the delicious recipes used in the kitchen

2015 Recipes **New**

Asian Bean Cakes (pdf 97 KB)

Asian Greens Salad (pdf 97 KB)

Garden Greens Frittata (pdf 71 KB)

Green Paw Paw Salad (pdf 99 KB)

Herbed Polenta (pdf 94 KB)

Kale Chips (pdf, 55 KB)

Noodles with Asian Greens (pdf 97 KB)

Orange & Rhubarb Cakes (pdf 102 KB)

Spinach & Feta Fritters (pdf 103 KB)

Tamarillo Muffins (pdf 98 KB)

Thai Pumpkin Soup (pdf 144 KB)


Pre 2015 Recipes

ANZAC Biscuits (pdf, 37 KB)

Apple Crumble (pdf 56 KB)

Baked Potatoes (pdf 47 KB)

Basil Pesto (pdf, 66 KB)

Basic Chicken Stock (pdf 10 KB)

Bread&Butter Cucumber (pdf 54 KB)

Cheesy Pesto Eggplant Slice (pdf 53 KB)

Cheese & Rosemary Scones (pdf, 40 KB)

Chewy Lemon Biscuits (pdf 48 KB)

Chocolate & Beetroot Brownie (pdf, 52 KB)

Choko Chocolate Cake (doc 38 KB)

Coconut Pie (pdf 65 KB)

Corn Fritters (pdf, 52 KB)

Creamy Chokos with Bacon (pdf 51 KB)

Damper (pdf, 83 KB)

Falafel (pdf 56 KB)

Flaky Flatbread (pdf 53 KB)

Herb & Ricotta Fritters (pdf 52 KB)

Herbed Polenta (pdf 50 KB)

Homemade Butter (pdf, 78 KB)

Hummus with Paprika Oil (pdf 54 KB)

Kale,Cranberries & Br Rice (pdf 64 KB)

Lemonrassade (pdf, 50 KB)

Lemon Delicious Pudding (pdf 41 KB)

Lillypilly Jam (pdf, 94 KB)

Making Pasta (pdf 63 KB)

Making/Rolling/Cutting Past (pdf 56 KB)

Mini Mint Lamb Pies (pdf, 39 KB)

Orange & Cardamom Cakes (pdf 50 KB)

Pasta Dough (pdf 63 KB)

Pastry w Spinach/Potato/Tor (pdf 65 KB)

Pea Broadbean Bacon Quinoa (pdf 52 KB)

Pho Soup (pdf 46 KB)

Pot Stickers (pdf 63 KB)

Preserved Lemons (pdf 40 KB)

Pumpkin & Date Muffins (pdf 56 KB)

Pumpkin Filos (pdf, 101 KB)

Pumpkin Hotcakes (pdf 49 KB)

Pumpkin Soup (pdf 81 KB)

Roast Pumpkin Salad/Haloumi (pdf, 58 KB)

Rosemary Salt (pdf 56 KB)

Salad of the Imagination (pdf, 44 KB)

Soda Bread with Herb Butter (pdf 54 KB)

Spinach/Currant&Lentil Sala (pdf 49 KB)

Spinach/Potato Torte fillin (pdf 63 KB)

Spinach Triangles (pdf 55 KB)

Spinach & Ricotta Gnocchi (pdf 44 KB)

Spinach/Ricotta Gnocchi BSB (pdf 61 KB)

Sweet Potato Bruschetta (pdf 50 KB)

Thai Fried Rice (pdf 50 KB) 

Turnip & Sage with Pasta (pdf 54 KB)

Warrigal Greens Pie (pdf, 158 KB)

White Bean Puree w lem/rose (pdf 52 KB)

Winter Tabouleh (pdf 45 KB)




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